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Buyers Committee

The Buyers Committee is a seperate entity within Euroveiling consisting out of 13 members. The Buyers Committee is being elected for a term of 4 years. Every 2 years half of the members leave and at that moment new members can be elected to fill the vacancies. The primay goal of the buyers Committee is to defend the interests of the buyers en to function as a sound board for the desires and concerns of the buyers, that are being discussed during the meetings with the management. The conditions that candidate members must meet for the election, the internal functioning etc. are set out in their own statutes.

Members Buyers Committee:

Luc Toussaint Honorary President Toussaint Virginie
Guy Lowet President Les Architectes de l'Evénement
Benoit Mahy Vice-President Benoit Mahy
Pascal Cys Treasurer Cys Fleurs
Tom Paulussen Secretary Euroveiling
Michèle Wackerghom Member Le Jardin Japonais
Nina Reynaers Member Piazza Fiori
Bruno Moretti Member Bruno Moretti
Olivier A. Debry Member Olivier Debry
Roger Fierens Director Euroveiling