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The market place for flowers and plants


The continuous objective of Euroveiling is to create the most ideal conditions for selling ornamental horticulture products in Belgium. We offer growers and buyers the best channel for direct sales of flowers and plants. The auction clock is our most important selling tool. The flowers and plants you deliver to us will be stored under optimum conditions.
The reliability of the information provided is crucial during the auction process. Growers are responsible for providing reliable information about their products. The accuracy of this information is verified by our inspectors.
Euroveiling is an auction where many varieties of high quality flowers are up for sale each and every day. Euroveiling wants to work towards a bright future in ornamental horticulture in Belgium. With a covered floor space of around 3.5 hectares, sufficient parking, a renovated building, Cash & Carry service and a cafeteria, we guarantee fast and pleasant service and cooperation.

Services for the grower:

  • Sell flowers and plants via the auction clock and remote purchase
  • Sell flowers and plants via intermediaries
  • Billing and payments
  • Other support services (empty containers and cart registration, etc.)
  • Offer via pre-sales

  • Please contact us for more info : T +32 2 241 00 50 ·